Xojo license and Xojo Cloud

are there some restrictions this way?

I don’t know.
For the purpose I’m using it, it works fine.
(Simply showing the location of my company.)
I also think it will be sufficient for EddiesElectronics too.

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Showing a Web app in an iframe has some security considerations and the Xojo framework prevents this by default. Basically this is so a third party can’t point an iframe at your app from their website and claim that your app is theirs.

If you need to allow this, look at the WebApplication.Security.FrameEmbedding property and the WebAppSecurityOptions.FrameOptions enumeration.

By default, it’s set to SameOrigin which means that the iframe needs to be on the same domain as the web app itself.

@Jace_Nicklien – As others have said, we have a 90-day guarantee on the Xojo product itself, but also, if you decide that Xojo Cloud isn’t for you, you can request a refund for the unused portion of the month.

So the cost would ultimately be a fraction of the $49 Xojo Cloud fee.

Yeah, it is based on SQLite :wink: