Xojo Library Chart

I’ve found the following chart to be helpful (I created it to make it easier to find a particular item in the XoJo library), and I thought that some people (especially others also working their way through the Xojo QuickStart) might find it helpful as well:

[quote]Bevel Button: Buttons
Cancel Button: Buttons
Canvas: Decor
Check Box: Pickers
Class: Project Items
Class Interface: Project Items
Combo Box: Inputs
Container Control: Project Items
Data Control: Pickers
Default Button: Buttons
Disclosure Triangle: Buttons
File Types Set: Project Items
Folder: Project Items
Generic Button: Buttons
Generic Object: Controllers
Group Box: Decor
Horizontal Scroll Bar: Pickers
HTML Viewer: Viewers:
Image Well: Viewers
Indeterminate Progress Bar: Indicators
IPC Socket: Controllers
Label: Decor
Line: Decor
List Box: Viewers
Menu Bar: Project Items
Module: Project Items
MoviePlayer: Viewers
Note Player: Controllers
OLE Container: Viewers
OpenGL Surface: Viewers
Oval: Decor
Page Panel: Organizers
Password Field: Inputs
Placard: Decor
Popup Arrow: Buttons
Popup Menu: Pickers
Progress Bar: Indicators
Progress Wheel: Indicators
Radio Button: Pickers
Rectangle: Decor
Report: Project Items
Report Date: Report Controls
Report Field: Report Controls
Report Label: Report Controls
Report Line: Report Controls
Report Oval: Report Controls
Report Page Number: Report Controls
Report Picture: Report Controls
Report Rectangle: Report Controls
Report Round Rectangle: Report Controls
Round Rectangle: Decor
Segmented Control: Buttons
Separator: Decor
Serial: Controllers
Server Socket: Controllers
Slider: Pickers
Spotlight Query: Controllers
Tab Panel: Organizers
TCP Socket: Controllers
Text Area: Inputs
Text Field: Inputs
Thread: Controllers
Timer: Controllers
ToolBar: Project Items
UDP Socket: Controllers
Up/Down Arrows: Pickers
Vertical Scroll Bar: Pickers
Window: Project Items
XoJoScript: Controllers
Warm regards,

Barry Traver

I’m now using searching only. Everything else just takes too long. Oh, and the lower part where a preview of the item is shown is hidden.

If you turn off “Show Group Banners” and check “Sort Alphabetically” using the gear button at the bottom, you get a nice simple alphabetical list.