Xojo job at West Point

Just curious, has any one seen or been contacted about a contract XOJO position in West Point, PA?

I recieved TWO emails this morning (different formats) but from the same person (Etka Patel, Collebera Recruiters) to which I responded while I was interested in the position, I would be unable/willing to relocate to PA especailly for a contract position.

Then a few minutes ago, I get a phone call… The person could barely speak English, and asked if I were interested in this exact postion, I politely indictated that I had responded earlier to his two emails, and again restated my position.

Something about the way this was approached gave me a very un-easy feeling. wondered if anyone else had been contacted as well

Recruiters generally get a decent portion of what could be your wages. I would attempt to find the job listing yourself outside of the recruiting agency if you don’t like the feeling you’re getting, but are still interested in the position.

Some recruiters are no better than spammers either, so double check the position is actually something you are qualified for and willing to do. It could have absolutely nothing to do with Xojo and you just happen to be on a programmers mailing list. My father has had nothing but bad experiences with job recruiters (albeit he’s not a programmer.)

Side note, Xojo is not an acronym.

Sounds a bit funny but:



I understand how recruiters work (and they get ZERO % of YOUR wages, they get a fee from the hiring employer, the employee owes them nothing)… And XOJO would be stipulated as an Acronym if stated as “X.O.J.O.” which I did not, at most I used it as a noun

and based on the LinkedIn profile, that was NOT the person who called me :slight_smile:

It might just be a different understanding of mindset, I know they don’t take your wages.
This is how I see it:

[quote]Company™ says, let’s spend 10,000 on a new coder.
If they go through a recruiter, the coder gets 8,000 because Company™ pays a fee to the recruiter.
If the coder finds Company™, the coder can get the full 10,000 by cutting out the middleman.[/quote]
(numbers picked for roundness)

It’s not always possible due to agreements some companies sign with recruiters, but if you can cut out the middleman you may be able to be directly hired and get more in your pocket.

As for the acronym thing, I was trying to politely point you to the fact that both the company and the tool are referred to as “Xojo” - never XOJO. The only place it’s all caps is in the logotext. You may benefit from learning how to format your text in Markdown, it might show that you keep up with modern technologies :slight_smile:

This just in

But sorry for trying to help.

FYI… I have been contacted 7 times about this job :slight_smile: 5 via email, and 2 via telephone.
Nobody seems to notice that I live thousands of miles from West Point (even though I have stipulated this in all my responses)
Supposedly the “client” is “Merck Pharmasutical” (sic), and while they do have an office there, I would think they would provide more that a one line job description… Not to mention the job is not listed on their career website.

I just sent a detailed email to the HR department there, to see if it is a scam or not,

That is the ENTIRE job posting

Next time, ask them where they explicitly got your contact info.

Quite often, these are a particularly nasty form of spam and are as real as the “Find low cost appendectomies in your area” emails. They farm job boards and newspaper ads and then start calling around acting like a legitimate recruiter. We had a business seminar on this exact scenario as a number of India phone-farms were doing this and then demanding payment from the potential employee to “make it happen.”

(of course, I use appendectomies there to be funny - usually they’re promoting windows, car insurance, walk in tubs, new pillows, burial insurance, and other useless topics to most folks).

is most likely where they got my information…
one of the “emails” indicated it was supposedly for MERCK… which is why I sent their HR dept a note. Either it will alert THEM to a scam, get ME more information :), or do nothing

Dave, you are not alone being chased.

I just got a call from (631) 230-0251 with a girl on the other side with such a heavy Hinglish accent, after having her repeat three times, I told her I was sorry, I could not understand her and hung up.

Googling that numbers leads to a Shahana Parveen from Tech Solutions that matches the Indian accent. The same number has a post from a Vishal Kumar who is looking for a Java dev in the Los Angeles area. Looks to me this could be a call center.

Indian recruiter scam. They are everywhere even in my country which is on the opposite side of the globe from you. They are not cheating your money (just using you) but trying to get Indian fellow countrymen get a job and they make money from them.

I live right down the street from MERCK. I believe one of my former coworkers works for them now, although not in that facility (that location is huge, but I believe he works in a different location). I don’t know about their hiring practices, other than at the time I looked into it, they only hired freelancers through temp agencies, so I can’t say anything about their solicitation methods.

That is not a PA area code, I did a check online, and it looks like it’s a mobile cell phone number registered in NY.

Sounds like a scam to me.

LOL… got another phone call.
Them : “Hi, my name is ####, I found your application on INDEED, would you be interested in the Xojo job in West Point”
Me : “Hey ####, you are the eighth person to contact me, and the eighth person unable to tell me what the position entails”
Them : “Well, its for a Xojo Developer”.
Me :“Uh yeah, I get that part… Industry? type of project? platform(s)?, full time? contact?, remote vs on-site?”
Them : “Well its for a Xojo Developer, are you interested?”
Me :"Thanks… you have nice day now… " click

this call came from (415) 795-7481 (SanFran)

I feel your pain. I’m a Tivoli Storage Manager admin by day and whenever a job for that pops up, I get call after call from various recruiters about it. Sometimes I get multiple calls from the same recruiting agency!

This is getting to be obscene.
Some moron called me at 6am about this “position”… could barely understand her, hung up… she had the audacity to call back!
Since I was already awake, I checked my email. and had THREE emails about this same thing! (all within 15 min of the phone call, and all from 3 different people supposedly from Collabera (which is owned by a Patel)

this time the call was from(973) 805-7528

i think you need to move house

I was once blamed for pointing out the barely understandable Benglish Citi phone attendants. Sorry, but there is a point where massacring spoken English makes it unintelligible.

When you can’t even make out what the caller wants, and when a normal conversation is impossible, it becomes a very sad joke…

sigh same old story… by the way: Did anybody ever got a good job or interesting project by those recruiters? I mean couple of years I thought it is important to have an oDesk and LinkedIn Profile but in the meantime I put all unknown phone calls to my answering machine…

We got one of these today. Carol was excited to talk to them but I told her it was a scam.

One… I’m up to SIX today… 3 via phone, and 3 via email
And the last phone call was actually from a local “office” of Collabera,

Yeah, “they’re back” at it today. Pretty much the same (lack of) details, sometimes a smidgen more here and there.
One constant, I’ve sent my CV in PDF and they always say “Can you re-send as Word?” and I’m like WTF…
I see it’s not just me, but, what is their end-game?