XOJO - javascript/html5 component

I am xojo noob( i know dotnet). I have problems and i cant find any helpful answer. I need do from this 4 javascripts:
and I need do this:

I try find some examples, but I find only in Xojo docs “this = “document.writeln(”“hello””);"/HTMLViewer1.ExecuteJavaScript(this)". I watched on extras/websdk and on monkeybeard, but they didnt help me too.
I try in HTMLViewer.loadpage("<script src="“http://mam.oskar.sweb.cz/DlhSoft.Data.HTML.Controls.js”" type="“text/javascript”">"), but it did nothing.
When I try insert into pagesource data from style.css, it only displays text(from pagesource).
Do you have any idea how can i run these javascripts in xojo? What i do wrong? Or do you have any good example, where is external javascript(for my inspiration)?

Please have patience with me.

Thank you very much for your response! :slight_smile:

I can’t really discern from your post what you’re trying to accomplish.

Are you just trying to show the webpage? Or are you trying to emulate it’s functionality?

If you’re just trying to display that page, you only load the html file and it will load everything else.



copy the java script lib in to a Constants and then you can use it on XOJO

Thank you people for your replies :slight_smile:
Tim: This I tried too, but this I dont need. I need connect this to database and set/get values.

Michel: Yes, this I tried, but it didnt works me.

Alexis: I tried it with .executejavascript and it shows me no error. Have I it aright?

And now what should I do with index? I copy index into pagesource1, but I think its not good… How can I display pagesource1 in HTMLViewer? Can I set values into pagesource1? For example the way to constants(javasripts)?

Hi, now I have app relatively works. But I have problem.
I found in WebPage1/Constants/fce (its javascript from html code)/Default value:

var items = [{ content: “Task 1”, isExpanded: false },
{ content: “Task 1.1”, indentation: 1, start: new Date(year, month, 2, 8, 0, 0), finish: new Date(year, month, 4, 16, 0, 0) },

I need set this names as Task 1 etc., but how? It is text in default value and I cant set here one rows?