Xojo isn't building my solution(s)

Hi, i am new to this really, and i have a few questions:
1- Where can i find my build folder ? i have already finished coding my application, did the necessary debugging, but still no clue where is does build the applications, clicking build doesn’t show me a thing just a quick taskbar in a window and BAM it goes away.
2- That’s pretty much it, i just want to find my build outputs to test them out.

I am using Xojo on my Windows 7 x64

In principle at the end of the build, Xojo will open the build folder.

Otherwise, the build will be in a folder called “Builds - .xojo_binary_project”, placed next to the project file.

Note that if you simply run the project, the build folder exists only during the run, and is deleted afterward.

Hi Michel, Thank you for your reply, the thing is, it doesn’t pop up, although while debugging i do notice a folder being created and then getting deleted after i stop debugging, is that the build ? if so, where can i get the two other builds (MAC OS/Linux) ??

Thank you,

EDIT: I found the folder you were talking about, and it’s…empty ???

Only 3 empty folder builds.

If you have a license, xojo should build for you - for the platform(s) - in the license.

Preferences - Building - Show build folder after build
Set the setting and it should open a Windows folder on windows and finder window on mac.

Well isn’t that great ? so the TRIAL is literally an incomplete demo ? well that’s one day wasted, it was fun, but still painful IDE, i’ll buy when Xojo has a better IDE.

Have fun with your alternative solution!

Sure will Torsten :smiley:

First it’s not a time limited trial. The IDE NEVER expires… If you are only coding for yourself you can always run your code in the IDE…

Did you really expect to be be able to build standalone distributable apps for free with a commerce product?

  • Karen

One of the most important qualities for a programmer is patience. Without it, no matter the language, results will be lousy…

I will admit that I hate change… but that being said… the IDE for XOJO is NOT the IDE for VB.NET… does that make it “bad”? No… what it makes it is different. Does that make the TRIAL an incomplete Demo? Not at all, since it is well stated up front that the “FREE” license allows you to write unlimited programs, with 100% of the features, but it restricts you from creating a “deployable” application. XOJO has basically 3 options in regard to this.

  1. Offer no “trial” at all… you BUY it or you don’t
  2. Offer a “trial” that creates compiled deployable apps, that are time limited, crippled, watermarked or some other annoying nag.
  3. Offer a “trial” that does 100% of what it is capable of, but only runs in the IDE

Well I don’t know if they ever tried #1, but they did try #2 (compiled apps ran for a limited time if I recall), and now they are doing #3

I assume the initial question is genuine.

What happen to this? I have never failed to see this on computers that I do not have the licence installed.

Someone wanted a free lunch, and the waitress on top :wink:

Gosh! How did that happen? Someone crack tinypic too?

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This is the original pic:

Well, I am from the VB6 era and went to Xojo, because the syntax was easy to learn. I use Xojo for a couple of years now and I have to say that for learning oppertunities and getting experienced with Xojo it is great that the whole IDE without coding restrictions is available and you can run your applications in the IDE as full applications.

If you really think that creating applications and building them for free is the normal way of doing business, than you are from yesterday. Not a single company will give away for free it’s core business. The way Xojo does now is satisfactory, you can gain experience, but when you want deployable applications you need to pay the compiler. Microsoft Visual Studio is also not for free and is much more expensive than Xojo.

And indeed like Cho Sing Kum said, you are warned that you need to buy a license to build as soon as you hit the build key.

Like @Michel Bujardet said. Let’s move on.