Xojo is changing FileType Display Name!?!

I have a FileTypes set, with six entries in it. The name of one of them keeps changing whenever I open the show file, save it, or (sometimes) run the project in the IDE. The name changes to match the Display Name, but without spaces in it.

Name: LW6File
Display Name: Lightwright 6 Show File

Xojo changes it to:

Name: Lightwright6ShowFile
Display Name: Lightwright 6 Show File

I’ve searched the project for all of these names, and the only place they’re defined is in this FileType.

It gets weirder: If I change Lightwright6ShowFile back to LW6File, then search for “Lightwright6ShowFile”, the Find list shows it as the name of the object that the screen still shows as LW6File.

Can anyone come up with a scenario that might make this happen? My first instinct is that it’s a bug in the IDE, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it in a new project, which gets me worried that the project file might be corrupted…:frowning: