Xojo is better than ever!

usually people come to forum to ask question or rant, for a change i will express my enthousiasm about xojo

I just imported a 2,3 GB json file and parse it creating a array of 7 millions items using einghur Json III plugin, in like 2 min ! amazing !
i tried to test, didn’t even think it would work. it did.

(well i use JsonMBS to, i tried same, it kept spinning, i had to forcequit)

i’ve been using xojo more or less since rb 5.5, i’m french i used a lot of 4D too, french company, and others tools since
I’m doing a lot of xojo work these as entrepreneur to developp our projects, i’m no engenneer but i love to code. i will speak more about that.
xojo syntax and new urlconnections, plus the use of einhugur and mbs makes great apps possible
i’m working on 3 desktop apps sharing some common libraries, even for web ! see otalink post here
so in short i’m using xojo desktop apps to makes graphQL queries for apis, as public service
yes i know a bit ambitious and crazy project :slight_smile: