Xojo Inspector

I develop on a 27 inch screen. But I also use a 13 inch notebook. I like the IDE, but the Inspector is a little too large. Of course, you can hide it, I know…

I think it’s because some properties such as Width and Height are put side by side. Width could go below Height…

Then I could reduce the width of the inspector. Really, I think these details are sometimes important.

Am I the only person who has this feeling?

If the developers could add a fixed navigator to the present navigator with the project items only (showing only window and container classes, and custom classes) would be good too…

No, you are not the only one.

It’s better in the latest version that’s still in beta. Not perfect, still, but better.

Yes it’s not perfect, but it’s a more beautiful IDE than the previous ones.

Perhaps it’s because it should be looking nicer than the older versions that there are some practical issues instead…

I think the basics of the 2013 IDE must not change anymore.

But since it is more beautiful it works also a little slower. For example, moving controls on a window is slower than in RB.

The precision of aligning controls with one another is not as in RB.

I am sure this IDE will be great. It’s new.

It only needs some refinement.