Xojo Inc D@B stats

I had to check a customer at D&B and in the meantime I also took a peek at Xojo Inc.


Although I expected a much higher revenue, it looks to be healthy company. So they obviously do something right with Xojo. :slight_smile:
Nice to know…

I wouldn’t put much faith in their “modelled” data. For fun I checked my own company – their revenue estimate was about half of reality, i.e., they are guessing.

I checked one of mine that hasn’t traded yet and it’s done over $110k :+1:

D&B encourages businesses to pay extra for optional services to improve their rankings. The data is almost meaningless. Its not like a personal credit score that is (theoretically) objective and accurate.

I’m not commenting on the financial health of Xojo, rather on how D&B works.

With private companies the only way to know for sure is if they provide independent audit results. this is rare, at least in the US. Sometimes companies will provide it confidentially to certain customers if it helps make a sale.

If you use that info, that would put xojo sales in the range of 4k licenses sold… That is really a tiny userbase for a tool of this kind. Enought for “just existing” but with no significant grow in 20+ years… Is that something right?

That matches my findings.

DnB is a scumbag company. Don’t take anything they say seriously.

And yet last I knew, Apple required a D&B listing before you could even apply for an iOS Enterprise license.

You’re not wrong. I had to go through DnB to get my signing certificate verified. Sectigo wanted their word over the certificates I received from the federal, state, and local governments. Sectigo wouldn’t verify because DnB had some information wrong. I couldn’t correct it because DnB couldn’t verify my identity, because of whatever it was that was wrong and wanted me to pay them to correct it. Took me months, but I finally managed to get some help from a high level agent to get my record corrected.

I don’t know why anybody trusts their information for anything. The only thing I ever hear - this thread included - is how something is incorrect.