XOJO Ignores customers

I have been using Real Studio 2010 since 2010 on my Mac OS 10.8.3 and have had no problems with RS 2010.

I upgraded my Mac OS to Mac OS 10.10.5 and can no longer use Real Studio 2010 because Real Studio 2010 will no accept my real studio 2010 license code and now I can no longer do my programing.

I have called XOJO (who the hell are they?) and the phone is answered by a computer and says ‘the person is not currently available’ please leave a message. I have done this Thursday, Friday and now Monday.

Anyone home?

Also have sent 6 e-mails and none of them answered.

Did RealBAsic Screw it’s customers? They were always good at handling problems? Did REalBASic sell out?

Real Software changed its name to Xojo a few years ago when they released a different version of the IDE. Various members of the company are readily accessible here include @Dana Brown and @Alyssa Foley. There is also a customer service section here where you could have posted this.

But I’m not sure what you expect them to do for you. It’s not unreasonable that a 6-year-old version of the IDE no longer works, and the latest version of Xojo absolutely works, so just upgrade. Or revert back to 10.8.3 if you want to stick with that version.

Claiming that the company “ignores customers” is counter-productive and, in my experience, flat-out untrue.

Heck of an opening post I’d say.
Way to make friends and influence people…
Perhaps if you had said. “Hey guys, I’m having trouble contacting Xojo, as I’m having an issue with a previous licence” instead of barging in guns blazing, and expecting to garner sympathy or support?

Even so, I BET, the instant that Dana or Alyssa see this, they will respond, provide a solution, and THEY will do it with a smile :slight_smile:

HI Kenneth,

I did see your emails, though I try to get back to everyone ASAP, I haven’t responded to all the emails I got over the weekend yet. I did not receive a single voice mail message from you last week, though I haven’t gone through my message from the weekend yet :slight_smile: I would have to say Kem’s assessment could be true, software fro 2010 may not run on a modern OS. I’ll respond in detail to your email shortly.

This is the only part that changed. You upgraded to an OS that didn’t exist when RS 2010 was out. Oops.

So roll your system back, I presume you backed up before you started.

RS2010 works with 10.10.5

Yes, I’ve now spoken with this customer. The error message was requesting an 8 digit code. This is common when using releases from 2010 or earlier. For future reference, you can get these online anytime from your account: https://xojo.com/account/studio_activation/authcode/index.php

Bravo Alyssa. I admire your patient attitude for rather rude customers.

Curiously, RealBasic 2009 still runs fine on my Mac after I updated to 10.10.5, though I think I had to re-enter my license key after the OS upgrade.

I have versions back to 2007 and they all still run