Xojo IDE Version Conflict

Hello everyone,

My Situation:
I got a big Collection of Projects that very frequently change/update.

For that i builded a MassCompiler that uses the Xojo IDE Communicator to open The Projects, Build them and then close the Projects.

recently i updated all my projects from Xojo 2016 R3 to the new Xojo 2017 R3
Here the problems started…
a lot of Customer reported hugh performace issues and flickering(on windows)… so i cant use the the new Xojo 2017 R3…
Since i don’t want to miss the Features of the new IDE Xojo 2017 R3 for coding, my solution was to just build the projects with the old Xojo 2016 R3 which works fine.

Now to the Problem:
when the old IDE opens a project with New Version there is this Xojo IDE Version Conflict Window. with i need to manually press the Proceed key.

Anyone see a solution to this other that me switching back to the IDE Xojo 2016 R3?


Do that once (pressing the Proceed button) and do not save the projects with any recent Xojo (let the save process always be done in 2016r3 until you can use more recent Xojo without the bugs you report).

If using .xojo_project format, have MassCompiler load the .xojo_project file, remove the “RBProjectVersion=…” line, and resave, prior to instructing Xojo to load in the project.

But that does not solve the problem. The warning may go away but the project may still not load properly.

In my understanding, the problem being experienced is that the original poster’s automated build system breaks because it cannot dismiss the modal warning dialog, except by requiring manual intervention from a user, which would defeat the purpose of ‘automated build’.

So removing the warning dialog does solve the problem in this case.