XOJO IDE on Windows 10

I thought i’d try this from the forum to see if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on an issue I am having from Windows 10. When I try to run my app on Windows 10 from the IDE (using the Run button) I am having some issues where the Debug program is getting stuck in Windows and will not exit my app. It occurs either if I let my app exit normally (via Quit function in app) or if I end the debug session from the IDE.

This causes the temporary Debug folder to remain in my project folder and when I try to run the app again from the IDE I get a Build Failed response because it appears XOJO is trying to create a new Debug folder and the previous folder is locked by the aforementioned process that won’t exit. When I try to manually delete the folder Windows won’t allow it because it thinks the Debug program still has the Debug folder locked. If I go to Windows Task Manager I can see the Debug program as a process, but when I try to end it nothing happens. I even tried the Windows Command Line TaskKill and that tells me the task ins’t running (even though it appears in Task Manager).

I am not having this issue from the Mac or Windows 7/8, only from Windows 10. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions on what might be causing this to happen.

Thanks …


What A/V package are you using? And are you using dropbox as the location of your project?

I see this with Norton, I have to mark my project’s main source folder as excluded from virus checking, otherwise it chokes every time. I also have one other folder that I use for testing, prototyping, etc… that I work out of that I have marked as excluded as well.

I am using Avast Free Edition for A/V. I do use DropBox but only as a backup, I save and open the project from my local hard drive. I will try adding my Debug app to be excluded from Avast - thanks!

In Norton, I just have to mark the top-level folder and it takes care of all files and folders below that point.

FYI, I had a problem with another sync service that would cause Xojo to not be able to save my project, because the process running in the background had a lock on it or tied up somehow. I kept losing edits that I know I was saving. I ended up moving away from file syncing to a true backup and the problem went away. I have no idea if you are having a problem in this area, just giving you a heads up in case you run into it.

I see this when the project file is on a network share.

You might want to have a look at https://forum.xojo.com/29087-avast-me-hearties-what-a-pain

Issue resolved by adding an exclusion to Avast for my project folder!

I’m sure there might be better options than Avast but the price is right and I’ve never had a virus when using this program (several years). That said I am always open to other options as Avast seems to have become quite bloated with their more recent releases.

Thanks very much for the help - I knew my odds of finding a solution were going to be really good at this site. :slight_smile:

Sh*t! I have Avast too! Now I remember that under Win8 Avast ran a check on the compiled file! I have removed the bugger.