[XOJO IDE] Navigator entries

I strongly dislike the Navigator entries location properties.

Said like that you may say “and ?” (or even: “Who cares ?”) and you may be right.

But, since it was said the IDE will get a refresh, it may be time to ask one or two things:

a. Item placements (in a drop or move)
Beside copying the WIndows OS behavior (that I hate), I do not saw any reason why the dropped item (*) when no specific location at mouse release time can be defined, the dropped entry is set at the top of the list, before App, MainMenuBar, WIndow1, etc.

  • dropped item: either from the Explorer/Finder and from a Navigator Item.

Since this is always done after the project creation, it is natural (to my eye) to place it at the end of the Navigator list.
And if the user is not happy with this, (s)he still have the ability to move it whete it belongs.

b. Alphabetize entries (put it all locations in the Navigator alphabetize the entries).
Real world example: minutes ago, I was searching FileSave (I think, it had Save in it) and get Edit entries before (and everything that started by a letter that is before F (F for File)…

Many things have been done on the IDE, and some do not always gets an entry in the Release Notes (I may not have noticed some of them), and I thank Xojo for that.

On the other hand, I saw some stuff in the IDE that I never use (nor I understand - for some -) and I ignore them, not even asked what are their use… but sometimes stuff needs to be asked.

Is this worth writing a Feedback ?
(asking a feature for my own and only use is worthless the effort / waste space in the Feedback system)


OK. Thank you for the information.