Xojo IDE and font rendering engine issue

I know most of Xojo developers have problems with Xojo IDE in Linux. I’ve used Xojo in Ubuntu 14.10 and Linux Mint 17.1 (real installation, not in VM). Xojo IDE in Ubuntu is really slower than in Linux Mint. So, I try to install it on Arch Linux. The distro is reasonable enough, because after installation, the distro just have base packages without any Desktop Environments or Window Managers .

Xojo 2014r2.2 in Arch linux + i3-WM as a window Managers is really fast. But, after installed font rendering engine, in this case I’m using infinality , Xojo IDE is really slow and useless. Gtk performance by gtkperf shows not much different before and after install Infinality. So, I think may be Xojo is not support custom font rendering and uninstall infinality. Xojo IDE problem then disappear.

With huge changes in the new release, I give another chance. Create new Arch Linux system in VM and install infinality, I found that Xojo IDE is much faster than old release. I not found any delay on auto complete or access a menu.

But, before install infinality in my real Arch, I need to know how Xojo IDE behave in another distro especially on Ubuntu (real installation). Anybody have something to share?

From my previous testing (all in VMs), the problem with Ubuntu was the desktop Unity. If you choose Ubuntu with another desktop such as MATE, it should perform on par with other distributions.

Here are my results from 1.5 years ago when I was testing Linux distributions: