Xojo Help & Thanks

This is a just a note to remind beginners like me to search this forum for answers to their programming questions.
I have found many answers by searching this forum.
Currently getting down to the nitty gritty code and design for my first major program.
Tonight I just couldn’t work out how to use a ContainerControl properly from the help system.
A quick search for ContainerControls on this forum gave me all the answers and a link to a webinar on ContainerControls.
I never thought of looking in the webinars, and ended up spending an hour watching the ContainerControl one.
I will be watching all the webinars now.
Thanks to Paul for making that webinar. Very clear and precise information and armed me with the knowledge to continue tonight.

Very true, most of the answers are already here, and also in the old forum: http://forums.realsoftware.com/