Xojo has already began climbing search results

Apparently Google & Bing …excluding Yahoo!..have already began indexing the forums…it won’t remain secret too much longer…the branding change hasnt even occured yet or beta release. I’d have though someone would have created a robot.txt file with index denial commands in the server’s root directory to prevent something like this from happening…the other day I googled Xojo and got info about a project on google and the soft drink…and I just googled Xojo to find references relating to real software and Xojo…with everything we’ve been discussing…

Google “Xojo studio” and google synonymizes Xojo studio with real studio…and brings up MBS pages, real software pages, etc…

Looks like the robots.txt file is wide open. It should be set to no index and follow none.

Geoff has forwarded an email I sent him to Thom

But yes browsing to http://forum.xojo.com/robot.txt will reveal

User-agent: *
Crawl-delay: 10
Disallow: /search/
Disallow: /members/
Disallow: /user/
Disallow: /conversation/start/
Sitemap: http://forums.xojo.com/sitemap.php

Which allows total indexing :frowning:

Though they do have the hostname wrong for the sitemap.

Yes…this would lead to further bogging as was seen earlier today since the robot will begin indexing URL by URL starting from index.php rather than a defined layout found in the non-present sitemap.php

Off to bed…hoping to wake up to a beta release :slight_smile:

An interesting search result:


I’m not seeing that. I’m seeing links to our trademark application but there’s nothing we can do about that. And if someone searches for “xojo” then they already know the name.

Show me a search for “realbasic” or “real studio” that would reveal Xojo other than the trademark application.

[quote=722:@Bart Harrison]An interesting search result:


Yeah, not much we can do about that. However, if someone found that, they wouldn’t necessarily assume we are changing the name of Real Studio. Xojo could just be another product.

[quote=722:@Bart Harrison]An interesting search result:


There are a number of these…they should show the new logo branding as well as these are public trademark databases…these, unfortunately we cannot hide from…but unless a user catches wind or knows of a branding switch will generally not find these…or unless they are looking to find out what trademarks the company holds :slight_smile: ok…now it’s really time for bed…I do sleep…sometimes…

According to Thom, the only thing that Google and Bing can index is what you see on the forum when you are not logged in which is nothing.

By the way Geoff I really like this real names, real pictures, real people thing. It’s real Xojo !! :wink:

Just learned something about google I never knew before…each individuals’ search results are tailored to their search habits and recent searches as well as ’ clicked links.’ so apparently searching for Xojo forum and my usual REALbasic/Real Studio/Real Software as well as trademark branding has tailored my searches as such…

Verification: I logged out of my google account from google.com and all search results for Xojo reverted back to ‘the other days’ soft drink searches…logging back in renders Xojo and real studio as being synonymous…tricky google! Apologies for the scare…but it was quite a surprise to see Xojo climb to the top of the search results so quickly…and being windows 8…bing is tied to the ms account…rendering a similar scare… All this raises new question as to how reliable are new search algorithms if they’re tailored around the users habits rather than keyword popularity as in recent years? Could this Enable or disable reliability/accuracy more I wonder as its more “market based” in this approach… I couldn’t sleep yet without finding an answer :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this Matt. It’s good for all of us to know.