XOJO Hangout - 6/7/2022

Vince Du Beau is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: XOJO Hangout
Time: 2022-06-07T18:00:00Z (local time)

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Meeting ID: 824 5085 0146
Passcode: EyE8pz

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Is there any specific topic? I popped in on few of these a while back, but it was more just “hang out”. I would love to see regular tech talks etc.

Jay, we just do it to hangout. Some times some one brings up a technical question looking for help. Other times a person might demo something they are working on.

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Thank you @Vince_Du_Beau, its in my calendar.

Please join in … ask a technical question about Xojo, or anything else. Show us something interesting you’ve done with Xojo.

Note this isn’t officially sponsored by Xojo, just an informal gathering of Xojo users. @Vince_Du_Beau is our gracious host, using a basic Zoom account, so the hangout ends promptly after 40 minutes.


Thank you for this great hangout! See you all next time.


It was fun! @Tim_Parnell Amazon has many options for headset and that brown swirly thing you showed us makes me wonder if you’re stashing planets in that office of yours.

@Vince_Du_Beau , sorry I couldn’t make it today. Hope you guys had a good time.

I am stashing planets! That was Venus :slight_smile:



“… conversation starter …”
YEP, truth in advertising.