Xojo Game Proof of Concept

This is just a short video to show proof of concept for doing an adventure game in Xojo. Animation is done outside of Xojo and saved as MP4 files. Xojo displays the videos at the right time with the MoviePlayer control.

Obviously some cleanup and timing will be needed, but I just wanted to have an idea of how it might look and work. There will still be a lot of coding to be done to make it a playable game, but this looks promising for what I have in mind.

You can download and view the video at the following google drive link:


Are you using transparency and overlaping controls?? If the answer is yes, remember that this only kind of work on mac, not windows nor linux.

No, I’m not using transparency or overlapping controls. I have a MoviePlayer control on the main window and I change the video updating the video source for the MoviePlayer.

I’ve tested on Windows and Linux using the remote debugger and it works. I need to build for each and then test on those. But so far, it’s looking very promising.

For today standards, where you need to expect 4k displays, having a 4k video for each single movement, it would end in several Gb assets for any game.

I’m not designing for 4K, I’m designing for 1920x1080 for the App window size and 1280x720 for the actual video size. I want lower res systems to be able to use it too. It will of course still run on 4K systems. This should be just fine for my intended target.

And? Have you seen the size of modern games?

OP is just trying to tinker, I don’t see why we should dissuade them from trying to enjoy themself.


kind of mean to underestimate him thinking that his proyect is “just” something to tinker. And not taking it seriously enought to warn him of the many problems choosing videos.

I don’t think Tim was being mean, and while I didn’t say it, I am tinkering. Even if I wasn’t, I have to agree with Tim about the size of today’s games and a lot of other software for that matter. With the storage and horsepower available, Gigabytes is not really an issue these days.

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