Xojo Game Development Ideas?

Hey guys I’m new to the forums but I’m am pretty good with Xojo and other languages, but I am trying to create a simple but fun game, sort of like a strategy game where you have to earn money and upgrade stuff but I need some more ideas!

Definatelly “Citadel” produced by Superior Software in the eighties for the Acorn BBC-B computer. It is a kind of platformer/adventure game.

I like the retro game looks in a game. Modern games are great, nice graphics but they are much too perfect and easy to solve.

Retro games are much more difficult to solve, sometimes unsovable. They are more challenging to solve than modern ones.

Maybe a mix between strategy - platformer - adventure game?

Very much success!!! Keep us informed which choice you made please.


I made this in Xojo, if that helps you at all. It’s a strategy/board type game. I found Xojo to be a very solid and easy to develop in language once I got the basics down.

Sweet Ima definetly try to incorporate some of the ideas! Thanks for the feed back guys!