XOJO Freezes

Yesterday I downloaded and installed XOJO 2013r3.3. Installed OK.

Just for once I thought I’d follow the documentation to get started ! So I added a button to my window - changed its name … and RUN …

XOJO froze and became unresponsive. Even Task Manager could not remove the app or process. Had to re-boot.

Today, I updated to XOJO 2013 r4.1 … as suggested … same problem.

I am running on Windows 7 64 bit … help please

This is not possible afaik.

Yes, it’s windows.

Sometimes you can’t delete a process. I think it’s because it handles a cancelclose event not sure tough.
Anyway this also occours with some games.

Hi Barrie,

The same thing happened to me. I just uninstalled Xojo, did a reboot, reinstalled Xojo and everything is working fine.

Hi Sasha,

This is not possible afaik.

I agree, it shouldn’t be possible. Because it happened to me, I am a believer :slight_smile: The good news is that it was easy to fix (uninstall, reboot, reinstall)

Glad to read this. Happy coding now! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys … uninstalled, removed registry entries and left over files in Program Files
Works OK now.

Thanks again … onwards & upwards

Thought I’d give XOXJO another try … still getting the same problems as previously stated.

Any thoughts or fixes ?

Shot in the dark in a different direction:

Sometimes when debugging I get Windows asking if I want the program to run, as it hasn’t seen it before.
Is UAC turned on?

Maybe a virus checker is grabbing the new EXE as suspicious at run time?

Thanks for the quick reply Jeff … UAC & virus checker turned off

Forgot to mention that the crash happens with all the Example Code & projects I have tried

Sorry about the trouble, but I have no idea what could cause this problem. One thing I suggest people try when they have unexplained errors like this is to create a new user account and try again from there (in case there is a corrupted file/preference or something in the original account).

Paul - A few others have had the problem ( see above posts ) and I’m fed up with uninstalling & re-installing. Guess I’ll revert to Visual Studio.