Xojo freeze at Build/Linking on Windows 10 1903


I have the Windows 10 1903 update installed. Since then xojo hangs when creating web app in the step Linking. In the other post, I read it to try a new Windows profile. But this did not work. Under new profile I had to re-activate xojo - remaining activation 0 :frowning:
After restoring to Windows 10 1809, everything is back to normal.
Is there a solution to perform the build process on Windows 10 1903?

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Is your Win 10 1903 updated to the level 18362.329?

August 30, 2019—KB4512941 (OS Build 18362.329)
August 13, 2019—KB4512508 (OS Build 18362.295)
July 26, 2019—KB4505903 (OS Build 18362.267)
July 9, 2019—KB4507453 (OS Build 18362.239)
June 27, 2019—KB4501375 (OS Build 18362.207)
June 11, 2019—KB4503293 (OS Build 18362.175)
May 29, 2019—KB4497935 (OS Build 18362.145)

Hi Rick,

I can’t tell you the exact build level. The system is already reset to version 1809. I installed all available updates under 1903. I have set a delay of 14 days for the update. So I will probably have installed the highest update from August, 13 2019. Do you think that the August update solves the problem? Then I would install 1903 again at the end of the week.

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No, not sure. Some initially broken apps (not made with Xojo) are working now. Not sure your case. I was asking to know. I wouldn’t upgrade until being sure. Try a VM first.