Xojo 'forgets' MenuItem

Suddenly the IDE claims that a MenuItem which I try to enable/disable in code would not be there.
Why is this happening? Has anybody seen such thing before? Is there a cure for this?

Are you sure you have that menu assigned to that Window???


You need to assign it to app to have globals.

not sure how that applies to this situation

Assuming that Oliver

  • created a Menubar named “MenuBarMain”… which it seems he did
  • and that MenuBarMain has a menuitem named “ViewSelectLinkedListColumns”… which it seems he did
  • and that MenuBarMain is the menu that is assigned to WIndowMainClass (which it may or may not be)

Then the EnableMenuItems event of WindowMainClass… “should” be aware of the MenuItem (assuming bullet #3 is in fact a true statement)

Nobody’s noticed that in the screenshot the MenuItem has an index of 0 but in their working projects the index field is empty?

That’s my guess! Something’s up with the Index: 0 not being right!

I just came here to mention exactly this: Index of 0 was the culprit - and I have no clue how I managed to get this zero there …
But removing the 0 from the index field solved the problem. Tim was faster than me :slight_smile:

Maybe this is the index 0 issue: