Xojo files PC to Mac and back

I would like to work on some of my xojo projects on my Mac as well as my PC prior to final building (I’ve a bigger screen for one things). Is there any easy way to transfer work in progress methods between platforms - other than by pasting them into a word processor document and then pasting them back into xojo at the other end?

Also, is it possible somehow to get folders in the methods lists? I have a lot of methods in some programs and it would make it easier to group those in similar areas (eg date functions) in folders rather than be scrolling up and down through 30-40methods all the time. Can’t anything about this in the reference.

If you’re not working with others, have you tried Dropbox syncing? If you are working with others I would look into a code repository.

I’ve used dropbox on my Mac - are you saying I could export a window on the PC, say, drop it into DropBox and import it on the Mac along with all the methods and properties? That would be terrific


A project saved on the Mac can be opened on a PC without any change, and the other way around. Wether you move it between the two with a USB key, DropBox or any other mean. I do it all the time.

In theory you should be able to just work on the file while it’s in dropbox. But that’s often frowned upon and I’ve been told it’s dangerous - so you probably shouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Just save the file like normal (no need to export anything) and then put the savefile in dropbox. Grab it from dropbox on windows and you’re set :slight_smile:

Thank you all very much for that. It never occurred to me that I could open the same file on a Mac as I could on a PC. That’s great!

As far as grouping methods, did you know that you can prefix method names with just about any Unicode character? Underscore is reserved, but you certainly could use ~ £ ¥ or something else.

You can group methods in a module.

I currently have 6 modules that I import into any new project. Each module is a theme. Mine are;
Date routines
File routines
Graphics routines
Listbox routines
SQLite routines

I have something like 300 separate methods in these 6 modules and they take only 6 lines in the navigator.

By placing your methods into a module allows you to use the ‘extends’ keyword that is just magic!

It also allows you to have a much less cluttered navigator area, open the module in its own tab etc.

Much easier.