Xojo Feedback Not Working

I’ve just upgraded from Real Studio to Xojo and have had a few small problems. One problem was that the Getting Started Desktop example kept crashing at the same point and I could not provide an error report. The error report process kept failing.

Now, I notice that the “Feedback” button from the Xojo IDE also fails to connect. The feedback window opens with my username auto filled and after I enter a password, I get an error window showing “Error #502: Connection did not complete due to HTTP error #404”.

I’m not getting a real warm feeling about this upgrade.

Ron Bower
Real Studio since January 2012

Sounds to me almost like its running an old version of feedback
Which version are you using ?

I have downloaded feedback version 2.0.0(163) from web site.
Xojo’s website tells you nothing which version of feedback you download, first when have downloaded and installed the Feedback you know which version you dealing with.

On my windows 7 pro (64bit) I have found out that Feedback will not install probably if you only have Realstudio installed. When feedback tries to Download the Sqlite Profile it hangs.

First when I installed Xojo I could get Feedback to download the SqLite Profile. But I still have some problems. When I clicked “My top Cases” I get a Unhandled NilObjectException in ReportlistView.ReportListView.SaveCriteria

Feeback case 27914

John & Norman -

I still have Real Studio installed… I just downloaded and installed XoJo last weekend. Xojo is 2013r1.

I just noticed that the feedback window says "Sign in to access REAL Software feedback system. I will try to locate and download the Xojo feedback system.

Ron Bower

Okay, I got the feedback system installed and it seems to be working. It is interesting that the feedback system defaults to install in the Real Studio Program Folder.

Ron Bower