Xojo-Excel 2016 book updated

The book I Wish I Knew How to Program Excel 2016 with Xojo in Windows has been updated to version 3.1. There are 13 chapters, with over 300 pages and more than 100 example programs. Excel programs are commonly created from Xojo to minimize user issues and modifying cells, have great printing capabilities, create reports, and is great at mathematics.

If you have previously purchased version 3.0, then this is a free update.

New to Version 3.1 - September 2017 – Excel 2016

  1. Added Scattered Plot Line Thickness Change (Example 4-13)
  2. Added Print Selected Cells example (Example 6-15)
  3. Added PrintArea of cells to the printer (Example 6-16)
  4. Added Detect Excel file in Read-only mode (Example 5-14)
  5. Suppress Informative Message Box for Read-Only files (Example 5-15)
  6. Bring Excel Application window to the front (Example Other 5)
  7. Added the ability to copy and paste column data from one sheet to another (Example 13-1)
  8. Added an example for a vertical lookup (VLOOKUP) from one sheet to another (Example 13-2)
  9. Added an example to move data from a listbox to Excel (Example 3-25)

This book is a PDF document and all example include Xojo code. You will need to have a version of Microsoft Excel installed. Xojo is shipped with a free plugin that is needed for interaction between Xojo and Microsoft Excel.

The Excel Table of Contents is on the authors website at http://scispec.ca, and click on the books header to search for the book. The Table of contents has a listing of all examples in the book.

ISBN: 978-1-927924-15-0

This book can be purchased at http://xdevlibrary.com/