Xojo error/crash

I would use the Feedback system, but its never worked since the beginning. It says its not installed, So I download the latest version, install it, and then the IDE still complains its still not installed. There is a nasty bug where clicking “Interfaces” and then clicking X instead of cancel causes a system crash and it wants “feedback” installed. But I digress. I avoid that Interfaces function entirely anyways.

But the reason for this thread is a new problem. Out of nowhere duriing a Debug build, it popped up a message the debugger couldnt connect to something so I hit cancel. And tried again.

Now its displaying a new error: Compilation of “XXX” Failed. The plugin “RBCrypto.xojo_plugin:0” shares the same filename on disk as another plugin. Please contact the plugin vendor and ask for an updated version.

Killing xojo, rebooting, re-opening the project now results in this error continuously.

I would upload a screenshot, but… no attachment button.

any ideas?

Had to delete the debug directory and reboot once more, then it fixed itself. Xojo likes to hang up debug EXEs from time to time :-S