Xojo eats my project after an OutOfMemoryException

I recently migrated from 2016r1 to 2016r3. It’s now happened the second time that Xojo ate my main project file after an OutOfMemoryException. The project now has a size of 28 bytes (not KB and not MB but bytes). It’s not a big deal to restore from version control. But this issue has never happened before. I’m still working with binary and externals. Unfortunately, the icons are saved into the project which makes the size of the project quite large (160 MB).

Anyone else seeing this issue?

HI Beatrix,

I have only seen this once in the last three months when I was working on a program and the file size was very small and reopening the file caused an error. I had a backup and only lost an hours worth of work. I tried to reproduce the issue and wasn’t able to make it happen again. This was on Windows 10 OS, and can’t remember if it was Xojo 2016 r2 or r3.