Xojo doesn't quit

When I am finished working with Xojo, I save and close the project I am working on, but when I click on ‘quit xojo’ in the Xojo menu nothing happens. Initially I thought that Xojo needed to do some housework before shutting down, but it will never quit.If I execute a force quit then re-open xojo,it will open the last project as (restored) code, is this a bug or known issue. Moreover, is there a workaround.

Have a look under options - General near the bottom is “When closing last window:” I have mine set on keep running which leaves the IDE in the system tray.

No such option Wayne. Must be for the Windows version of the IDE.

For me Xojo usually crashes before I can quit it :wink:

I must have the anti-crash version or the Sepp Blatter edition; ‘It just won’t quit’.

I have notice this as well, probably once every two weeks, for the latest version of Xojo. I choose quit from the File menu or right-click on the dock icon, or choose Shutdown but it still won’t quit. I have to force-quit.

It may or may not have anything to do with that, but I noticed Command-Q does not always quit with Xojo, but also FireFox. Could it be some new thing with 10.10.3 ? No wonder I fear El Capitan now …

Yeah!! Michel solves it again.I tried command-Q and it quits Xojo. This works for Mac, but I am not sure about the other Operating systems.

On Windows I find that if I launch the LR or feedback from the toolbar then Xojo won’t totally quit until those child apps have been closed. In saying totally I mean the icon in the system tray is removed, but the process in the task manager is still there, and that stops the IDE from being launched again.

I have to say that since ditching Windows and PC’s, I really miss things like task manager. Task manager was great for seeing what rouge programs were sucking the life out of system resources.The OSX activity monitor does much the same, but in a more complex way. It is ironical that the activity monitor uses 75 threads to run!! Although I am firmly pro Mac and OSX, I think that Windows explorer is a better folder/file utility than Finder.

I fear El Capitan because we’re using it in the lab and it’s worse than Yosemite so far. Granted, it’s pre-BETA (regardless of what Apple calls it), so we don’t expect much. But, we’re that much closer to iOS on a Mac…

Staying on topic, Xojo 15r2.2 did this to me twice so far this week. I can’t pin down a consistent scenario, but it does happen.

It’s called Activity Monitor under OS X - in the Utilities folder.

I could have sworn that I said something like that in the post above :slight_smile:

A little rougher, but you can also do a force quit from a finder File menu. It’s quick, and basically does a kill -9 on the process making a nusisnce of itself.

That didn’t work for me either.

Welcome to Unix :wink: