Xojo Debugger Stack and Variable Hot Key Macros

So after needing to reach for my mouse every time I need to use the Stack and Variable popup menus in the debugger, I decided to automate things a bit.

Here are two Keyboard Maestro (KM) version 9 macros that will allow you to access the debugger and stack popup menus via keyboard hot keys. After pressing the hot key you can manipulate the menu with the arrow, return and esc keys. Within Xojo these popup menus are not traditional widgets, and the only way for KM to access them is via image recognition. As such I’ve added in the images and logic for both Light and Dark modes on macOS. Included in this package are the original images used in case the Xojo UI changes in the future.

A Xojo feedback request has been filed on this issue, 61425, so feel free to add points to this request if you’d like to see the Xojo IDE improved with keyboard access to these popup menus.

If you’re a KM user, download these macros from here.