Xojo Customer Service Props

Just thought it was important to mention credit were credit is definitely due…

I had a problem with REALStudio Windows (authorization-related but also crash-releated) and I had to call into Xojo Customer Service. I didn’t expect anything going in, but my call was answered promptly and Alyssa completely took care of my problem and then some.

There were solutions she offered that were above-and-beyond the call, and they served me well, and even better as I found some bugs I didn’t even know existed, and that pleases any programmer highly!

This is more than exemplary, as computer companies mostly fail at this and I didn’t even expect it. I’ve been dealing with my bank lately and they were completely clueless; they made multiple mistakes on my accounts and serving me and they fully expected me to foot the bill and time solving their problems, instead of taking responsibility themselves. And I have to watch their TV commercials bragging about their 5-Star Service and watch their name being embossed on a $1 billion stadium built in Minneapolis. Yuuch.

Xojo did what they should, Alyssa focused on solving my problem on my terms, instead of tangling me in red tape that I understand sometimes is necessary. But she tangled herself in it and protected me from it and solved my problem so it benefited me and then some. That’s the way it SHOULD be.

Thanks, Xojo!

Thanks Garth, this 100% makes my day! I am glad I was able to get you where you needed to be. It’s a pleasure to help someone who’s eager to tackle a project. Let me know anytime you need something, it’s a good chance it won’t be my strangest call of the day :wink:

I need mental help since all day programming, screenpainting and testing makes me apathetically and boring. A bit of fun and a beer would help.

I’m always up for a beer but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to The Netherlands tonight, my bike has a flat. Rain check for XDC 2016? :slight_smile:

I have always had a very positive experience when contacting customer service at Xojo


Maybe there should be an annual Xojo California beer festival :stuck_out_tongue:

In Belgium maybe ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I support this event 100%.

This is great. And yes, sometimes, sometimes this world is good.

One thing Xojo does very well is the customer service side of things - always been good.

Friends of mine had their holiday to Sharm el-Sheikh cancelled yesterday by the tour company, for obvious reasons. Problem was, the tour company wanted the cancellation fee paid!!! Now - THAT - is customer service :slight_smile:

I’ve been dealing with figuring out a Web API for a client. Major kudos to Xojo for having ample examples, decent documentation, and for a forum that’s friendly. These are all things this web API provider fails at.

Great advertisement for the beer festival Burp

Thoughts?? :stuck_out_tongue:

That it should be someplace nice like … Jamaica ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Jamaica works but I think the advertisement is what will drive 'em there :stuck_out_tongue:

Xojo beer festival

Agree !!
I always check this before buying. Mostly the quality of the software is in line with the way a company treads their customers.

I dont know of anyone that hasnt had a great experience with Xojo customer service. Personally I havent had to call/contact customer service very much, but every time they have provided me with excellent service, fast turn around, and always very friendly. A truly high level of customer service.

Lot’s of compliments for the ladies… always be careful. :slight_smile:

I don’t get it, I don’t this kind of response at all. Instead, I get things like, “what are you doing in my garage?,” “get out of my sock drawer,” and “if you don’t stop calling me at home in the middle of the night, I’m going to contact the authorities.”

Must be favoritism…

Just a guess here Kem but I think it comes down to SERVICE vs STALKING :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m almost ready to start considering the notion of possibly giving up. Maybe.

Well, my experience last year wasn’t good. Basically I had taken advantage of several promotions over the years when they first pushed people onto the Enterprise license, then onto Pro. In the end I had an expired Pro license and a bit over THREE years running on Desktop, Database, and Console. The only thing missing for me was Web (neither iOS nor Pi was around).

I had no pressing need for anything, but with a 20% discount offered for upgrades to Pro I thought about upgrading anyway, and was happy to pay pro rata (eg if I have 60% of the Pro license then I’m happy to pay the missing 40%, for all three years of course).

Instead they wanted me to pay for the upgrade for one year AND forfeit the other two years of my license. I would have to be utterly stupid to agree to that, and asked why. I was told that I had gotten my licenses very cheap so they couldn’t let me have the Pro license at the normal upgrade price.

So in essence I have “second class” licenses.

I’m still decidedly unimpressed.

I had even written an article for xDev about it but it was declined as being too “mathematical” …