Xojo crashes when opening project on Windows

Hi all,

Working on a project on (and for) both Windows & Mac. I’ve done most of the development on my MacBook, but when I switch over to my Windows machine and try to open the project file, Xojo crashes (“Xojo has stopped working”). Both machines are running 2016r1.1. If I try to open the project in 2015r4, it opens, but when I try to Save As, Xojo crashes.

The project opens and saves fine on Mac. I even “Saved As” a new project file from Mac, but this new project file still crashes Xojo Windows.

Other projects open/save fine, it’s just this one.


What format does your project have (binary, xml, text)? Can you try to change to another format and then open the project in Windows?

Binary, and unfortunately that’s all my Xojo license allows.

Never ever use binary without external items. Use Arbed from Thomas Tempelmann to convert to xml.

Thanks, will take a look when I get home. I don’t know if I’ll be able to open XML.

What do you mean by “external items?”

You will be able to open the XML. You just can’t save it as XML.

Your project is saved as one file. You can do a right-mouse click on a project item or folder and do “Make external”. You will be asked to save your project items somewhere. When your project goes belly up the next time you will only have to re-create the main project file. Been there, done that. Not often, just once or twice.

Well, it certainly shouldn’t crash. It would be great if you could create a private Feedback case with your project attached so we can look into it.

And/or a crash dump.

Interesting thing just happened. The project opens successfully on Windows if I copy it off my usb flash drive and onto the PC’s internal hard drive.

On Mac, it opens/saves from the flash drive without a problem.

The drive is formatted as exfat.

Perhaps the Windows variation of <https://xojo.com/issue/43547>? I’ve had big problems moving projects around on the Mac, which the Xojo people think is not a bug. Which I think is embarrassing for the Xojo people, but what do I know.