Xojo crashes at project load

My project crashes Xojo when it tries to open it. Is there any safe way or rebuild upon open to try and get into it?

In which format is the file? binary, xml or text (VCP)?

Also, try opening it with Arbed, maybe that gives you some more information. Arbed is here: http://www.tempel.org/Arbed

I happened to me a while ago. I am on Mac and could ,ot load the project, Xojo went south right after loading the file. I reported it and sent the binary project that did it. No news since. Hope it helped, though.

I was able to salvage my project by loading it into Xojo Windows where the problem did not happen, then saving it again. Apparently, something happens to a project when you run it as debug, that damages it sometimes and creates the problem.

Since then, I became paranoid and save a backup anytime I am finished.

Good luck !

[quote=49193:@Thomas Tempelmann]In which format is the file? binary, xml or text (VCP)?
I fixed this off list with John