Xojo.Core.Date and XOJO autocomplete issues

Greetings guys,

Im trying to use the new framework but it seems that i have some issues, so i dont know if it`s IDE related or the date itself, more the autocomplete part .

so while trying to use the framework example :

Using Xojo.Core Dim d As Date = Date.Now Dim t As Text = d.ToText(Locale.Current, Date.FormatStyles.Short, Date.FormatStyles.None)

specially when i reach to Date.FormatStyles.Short You write Date. and then you suppose to get the available parts, well FormatStyles it is not in that list and not even after putting that and putting the . for the rest as well .

The funny thing is that on the new framework were deprecated the SQLDate and SQLDateTime part , is there a way to achieve that in the new framework or not ? or at least can be added back to the new framework ? quite useful some times.


The IDE does not autocomplete with Using.

Instead, if you do

Dim d As Xojo.Core.Date = Xojo.Core.Date.Now

it autocompletes just fine.

What you describe with SQLDate is because the IDE has no idea you are using Xojo.Core.Date, and what it shows you is for classic Date.

Personally, I very seldom employ Using, because the resulting code is very ambiguous, and because one may want to mix frameworks. I rather use the full namespace.