Xojo Console Programs load extremely slow on Win2003 Server

Console programs written with Xojo require about 15 seconds to load on all of our Win 2003 servers. This is not the case on Win 2008 server or on our workstations (Win7, WinXP).

I managed to track this down to the point where the Framework DLL gets loaded and I found that builds made with the ConsoleStubWin32.exe from RB2012R2.1 do not display this behavior.

It would be a big help to know whether using the old console stub can be considered a safe workaround or what else I could do to avoid the delay.

I can reproduce this effect with ANY console program, one arbitrary line of code in the applications run event will do.
Since the delay seems to originate in the Xojo console stub and does not show with the one delivered with Rb2012R2.1, knowing what has changed there might help.

I’m having exactly the same problem on our win 2003 server. Did anyone make any headway with this?

Well, to my knowledge there has been no breakthrough in this matter and the only workaround I know about is still to continue using RealStudio 2012R2.1. According to Xojo Inc. they managed to set up a 2003 server that did not have the problem - which does not make it any easier since it means it must have to do with some needle in the haystack of windows updates, DotNet versions, security settings, … whatever. On the other hand it was introduced with the Xojo ConsoleStub which makes it a bug in my eyes…

Anyhow here is the link to the corresponding feedback case:

As far as I am concerned the case is closed as I can not reproduce the effect anymore ( some months ago I still could). Interesting though is that now not only console executables built with current Xojo releases run without delay but also the original versions I made way back when start instantly. On the servers that showed the problem no new software was installed except for ongoing windows and antivirus updates.