Xojo Conference planning 2018

You all have time 6th/7th September 2018 for a Xojo conference?

We have a proposal for a hotel conference room in Munich. The Maritim Hotel near the main station can offer us 50+ rooms as well as one or two conference rooms. If we have a lot of speakers and attendees, we could go two track!

We can block 100 rooms and offer an 122 Euro rate for the nights from 5th to 8th September including pool, breakfast and Wifi.
Nearby other hotels in the area offer rooms for less, down to 60 Euro/night.

Walking distance to center of city is just a few hundred meters. So you can walk to Hofbruhaus, city hall and the famous historic buildings like palace Nymphenburg. And if you like to take a drive in the countryside, you are quickly down to the alps. e.g. take the train up on Wendelstein for a great view.

So anyone has comments? Would this week be a bad choice for some reason?
Most weeks in fall are blocked by expositions, school holidays and Oktoberfest where hotels are quite full. The week early September seems to be great to get hotel room and the chances are good for nice weather.

PS: If someone has a better idea for a location, let me know.

just check … the hotel look nice… but the location is a bit dodgy… red light area etc.

when we was there 11 years ago, we stay in the Eden Woolf hotel on the other side of the station. We got beggar coming in to the restaurant trying to sell us some plastic rose while we are having dinner in the hotel restaurant. feel so uncomfortable.

Other than that, we have a lovely time in Munich. It was the ‘the night of the museums’ where can go on the bus for free to visit the various museum. We also visit the beer garden in the park and have currywurst and beer.

Well, I love the idea to just walk from main station to hotel. That is very convenient for everyone coming by train.

i agreed… it is really convenient… just have to ignore the dodgy thing.

The Eden Wolff is also nice and I have an offer there for the same days.
Rooms for 144 Euro/night and conference area a bit smaller.

Planning makes progress and I think we take that week. I hope for nice weather and a great time in beer garden.

But it looks like I need to encourage people to sign up really early to reach minimum 6 months before.

how much is going to be??

I plan to start with 349 Euro for first 20 people.
Up to 699 Euro for the last day registration.

Contract signed for 6th/7th September 2018.
The conference will be there!

Also we offer beginner/advanced training the day before in English and day after in German.