Xojo compile hangs, Force Quite Xojo and Application Folder is corrupted

While compiling a project under 2022r2 on an M1 Mac mini running 12.6, the build hung at the last Window with the Spinning Cursor. I used “Force Quit” after 5 minutes. I went into Applications to relaunch and ALL of my versions of Xojo are gone as well as a few other manually installed apps. Also, the Union mount between /System/Applications and /Applications was broken and all of the default Apple apps were missing until I did a CMD-SHIFT-G to /System/Applications - which refreshed the Apple app in the top level /Applications.

Does this ring a bell with anyone on the Mac side?

I have never seen this. Sounds like a system error, and I don’t really know how Xojo could cause this. Is your Applications directory on a different volume?

I’ve been on 12.6 since it came out and I’ve not seen that issue at all.

Nope - only the “Macintosh HD” on this system.

Super weird. And it all came back and is operating normally now?

No - the Xojo apps and a few others are gone. I went so far as to use the terminal and the “find” command and aside from the Application Support entries, the Xojo folders are gone.

Have you tried a reboot?

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Afraid to in case there’s any opportunity to recover things. And this is the rub with Apple’s APFS and Union mounts - even a backup (Time Machine or BRU) can’t recover everything in a case like this.

Sad to say but you’re going to have to eventually, and there’s a chance it solves your issue rather than exacerbates it. I assume you’ve done a web search for any similar happenings.

Started there. Oh, and Firefox was one of the apps that disappeared …

Yeah, I don’t think Xojo is the root of the issue, but the compile process may have strained something in the OS/hardware that caused it to break. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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Have you been able to run the disk utility test? It does unmount and remount the volumes though.

Shutdown and run Apple Diagnostics at start up? Faulty RAM does crazy things.
Once proven safe, you could complete the boot up and resume investigations?

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