Xojo.com down?

I’m having trouble getting to www.xojo.com tonight and I can’t get my licenses as a result. Anyone else having issues?

Yes, I am not able view Xojo.com also. I am in Canada.

Yesterday I tried to get an archive release and got an error message on all files I tried.

This morning the forum was down as well…

look like it is ok now… the forum and the website

No problems here in the last 8 hours say’s my browser

I can connect but very slow to respond (all other websites are OK)

Using Firefox 40.0.3, MAC OS X 10.10.5

Connection is still slow here. I tried to check the forum on my phone last night and it seemed all of xojo.com was down

http://xojo.com and https://forum.xojo.com were very slow for me last night and this morning but are now fast again.