Xojo cluster compiling?

Do you ever think Xojo would consider creating a cluster solution for the Xojo IDE - i.e. be able to utilise many hosts to compile a large project? That would help people like me, who, despite having quite capable computers, are hanging around 5-10 for a build. I know the answer, but you gotta ask eh…

5-10? seconds? minutes? hours? days?

and in my opinon… I doubt they would ever implement something like that… even so, it would all have to come back to one “server” to be linked

Xojo already uses multiple cores for compiling.

FWIW, you could do what we do internally. We have headless Mac Pros which are controlled by a piece of software called gocd. Basically we do complete builds on a schedule without anyone’s intervention and we get notified on completion or error.

If you’re coming to XDC, Phillipe Casgrain is talking about their experience with this on Friday at 10am.

Dave S, little need for sarcasm. Lowest form of whit. Plus, makes you sound like a maths teacher from the 1970’s.

Greg O’Lone, interesting - will look in to this in more detail - sounds like it could help. Thanks.

For what it’s worth, gocd is not the only game out there. I’ve used Buildbot and Jenkins in the past, but gocd has a nicer interface imho and I wanted something that everyone here would use instead of one version being “the build guy”.

I don’t believe he was being sarcastic. I too was wondering what you meant by “5-10”. Not supplying units makes it hard to quantify how big a problem this is.

Greg O’Lone appreciate that fella, but, really, he didn’t have to start his reply like that? makes people feel VERY unwelcome to the forum - particularly someone such as me who posts very rarely. I suspect he’s on the spectrum :wink: Plus, his actual reply wasn’t qualified in end. Some folk, tut, just have to reply and stick their ore in! Have a good day Greg.

I don’t want a flame war but I think Dave was justified in asking the timeframe. I wasn’t sure either from your initial post David.

Anyway, cool link to gocd. I shall look forwards to the talk at XDC.

I asked the same questions as @Dave S did (in my head) and didnt respond to you with a post as Dave beat me to it.

what in his post was off putting. I read it and reread it several times and can not see how it could be taken that way. I would love to understand so I dont come off in an off-putting way in my posts.

I dont see why you had to attack someone. that is off-putting to others that would have spoken up to offer help.

have a wonderful day!

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