XOJO Cloud server name

About a week ago I subscribed to the XOJO Cloud and did choose a server name. When deploying, the app is deployed in the XOJO cloud on a URL not starting with the server name but with a hard IP-number. The server apparently doesn’t exist with that name on the internet because replacing the ip-address with the name that I had specified tells me the server doesn’t exist. I assume a week should be sufficient to distribute ‘my’ server name to DNS.

Of course I can not provide the URL with a hard IP-address. What to do?

The name you provided in the Xojo cloud control panel has nothing to do with DNS. it’s just a name so if you have more than one server, you can tell the difference.

If you need to set up DNS, you should do that through whomever you purchased your domain name and create an A record to point your domain at your server.