Xojo Cloud security concern - stop deleting my post please.

With all the hype around tightened security for the new Xojo cloud platform. I am a little concerned when stumbling upon
urls such as this:

I highlighted this out in another thread but Dana deleted my posting.

Yes… This is a security concern and It would be nice to get an answer rather that just deleting this post.

That’s not running on Xojo CLoud.

What could be the problem there?

if they are deleting the posts then there is a reason. I would reach out to the person to see why they are doing it.

Someone was posting a link to a control panel- which of course doesn’t do anything unless you have an authorized account.

We just don’t want user’s to be confused by clicking on a link that won’t do anything for them- that’s the only editing that’s happening. There’s no “security issue” here, to be clear.

If you have to delete or edit a post with anything remotely to do about “security”, please try to be as transparent as possible, To be very frank, we’re all taking a good hard look at this Xojo Cloud thing right now, figuring out what it will be good for, what it won’t. And the marketing claim about “most secure way evah” (I’m paraphrasing) is in no way a deal breaker, but is a bit disconcerting. Security minded people tend to take a really sober tone about security.

I agree, that’s why I posted above so no one would be confused.

I think we’re up front that absolutely no secure infrastructure is perfect, but the security you get with the Xojo Cloud product is much more than what you’d find in a typical host or what most people are capable of configuring themselves. That’s really the message we’re trying to send- we care and work hard on the security aspect of the service.