Xojo Cloud hosting within the EU

With the Brexit ahead does Xojo Inc. plan – at some point in the future – to offer Xojo Cloud hosting within the remaining EU?

London is available and still in the EU.

Of course Frankfurt would be nice for me. Should have lower ping times than anything else.

file a feature request.

I think the key point is that once the UK leaves it will no longer meet the DPA requirements of the EU. No doubt it will eventually be sorted out, but I doubt that it will be a high priority with all the other issues that are on the table.

Maybe the UK will become some sort of EU exempt haven that companies will end up flocking to :wink:

You still have the same basic problem that you can’t store sensitive data outside the EU/EEA/CH without a lot of legal hassle. I have one client that moved their data centre to the UK last year and are now moving again to Spain this time. Of course the genius that refused to press the pause button last year is no where to be seen.


Rackspace has no data center in EU and outside UK.

You think!
Just trying to make a light hearted comment!

We are looking into it.

In Germany laws governing data protection and data security prevents a customer to host anything with personal data - name, address etc. outside of Germany. The regulations are so strict that by law even a simple webform must be ssl encrypted if personal data (name, address, phone etc.) are transmited. The demands are even more strict if “besonders schützenwerte Daten” like medical data, income, faith etc. are managed. Of course nobody in small business worlds cares about this but when you work for and in bigger companies this is a factor and you have to pass an audit with any software working in this area.

Fun law and really tough to comply with if you use one of the big providers like AWS etc

ja… i am in this issue because one of my bigger customer is currently under such audit… if you use google translate then you can read a more prominent case of this here:


At the end of the day it is all based on the same underlying EU directive and handling person data is highly regulated across the EU/EEA/CH. There is some flexibility in transferring data within EU states because EU citizens have the same rights to have the data corrected etc… but beyond that it is a legal mind field.

I would agree to this, but I am not a lawyer… and I think you mean “mine field”, don’t you? :wink: