Xojo Cloud for Web1 app - how to set Domain Name?

I just created a Xojo cloud account and uploaded my app. So far so good. I want to be able to access the app using my domain name - I have access to my DNS records and I know how to change them. The instructions say to enter my domain name in the Inspector, but there is no place for this. This is a Web1 app, using Xojo 2019R3.2.

Looks like the missing field appeared in 2020R1 but I need more time to convert the app. And it looks like all the old online documentation, including old blog posts, is gone.

Thanks for any pointers.

Hi Eric,

You just need to point an A Record to either:

  • your Xojo Cloud IP Address; or
  • your IP_Address/App_Nam (when using multiple domain names for individual apps), then wait (generally a few minutes) for it to propagate.

I used one domain name for multiple apps and users knew to visit example_domain.com/app1 or example_domain.com/app2

Thanks for the suggestions, but pointing to the Xojo Server IP address doesn’t work - I get a blank white page. This makes sense, since its a shared server how will it know which page/app to run. And pointing an A record to IP_Addr/Domain isn’t valid - the A record can only be an IP address.

There needs to be something on the server side (or in the build process) that identifies MyApp with www.MyApp.com.

A little more research and I find instructions to create a redirect in index.html. Easy enough, but index.html isn’t set as a default document. Now the URL needs to be http://www.MyApp.com/index.html.

Also this implies that each Xojo Cloud account has its own IP address? Is this how it works? If so, how do I set index.html to be a default document?

I would contact support directly, but we can also tag @Jason_Parsley and @Greg_O_Lone to see if they’re around today.

Hello Eric,

For starters check your app is uploaded and available.

In a browser go to your_xojo_cloud_ip/your_app_name, your app should load. If it doesn’t, re-deploy your app.

Then, once your A record points to your Xojo Cloud IP.

In a browser go to the_domain_in_your_A_record/your_app_name

Just hitting the domain directly won’t load your app.

…each Xojo Cloud account has it’s own IP address.

It does work using www.myapp.com/myapp. So I think it is working. Maybe I’m just missing something when building the app? Looks like Web2 apps will work better, need to set aside a day to convert it. Thanks.