Xojo Cloud Deploy hangs (and related questions)

I have a list of questions related to deploying on Xojo Cloud.

  1. Embedded jpgs: After I added (namely, dragged and dropped) some jpg images (11 images at 20K each) into the project, the Deploy button hangs at “0:00 Remaining”. I tried restarting the server. After a long wait (about 10 minutes), it is now starting to count up (“0:03 Remaining” at the moment). After I deleted the jpgs from the project, the deploy works. Are embedded pictures not allowed?
  2. SFTP access: I need to get SFTP access. Can I use SFTP without buying an SSL certificate? Any instructions anywhere? I want to manually upload a bunch of other media to the server.
  3. How do you change name of application from the default MyApplication?
  4. Control panel: Is it possible to install a control panel?

The EEWeb project deployed on Xojo Cloud has projects embedded in the project, so they should work. I don’t know what could be causing your issue, though.

SFTP is not available.

Click on “Xojo Cloud” in Build Settings in the Navigator to change the app name.


Got it.

I will see if some of the examples demonstrate how to handle image files. I must be missing something.

For Build Settings I assumed you were talking about Build button with the gears in top menu (which is disabled for some reason). When I clicked on Xojo Cloud in bottom left (didn’t realize it was clickable), I saw the setting. Thanks. Can’t believe I missed that.

Do I need to use Insert > Build Step > Copy Files to get media files uploaded to server? If so, I need some instructions. Couldn’t find anything in manual (but I am sure it is there somewhere). I need to upload files to specific subfolders of the app. This upload would have to be separate because I don’t want to upload every time I deploy.

I think I need to start thinking of Xojo as the control panel. One thing I need is to view the error.log file. I suppose I can write something to do that.

Thanks for your help Paul.

Yes, you can use a Copy File Build Step to transfer files to Xojo Cloud. User Guide, Book 3, Chapter 9 Build Your Applications has a section on Build Automation.

Also take a look at the XojoCloudFileUploader example in the web folder. You can deploy this in your cloud and use it to manage files on the server.

Perfect! I changed the password for the file uploader. This would be great to add to the control panel.