Xojo Cloud : a reasonable doubt

I am a xojo cloud user, and my hosting plan is the small one.
We have to start a new project (national coverage) that foresees a few million users connected to the application, where most of the connections are for consultation of the data, and in some cases even modification of the same.

Since the application was developed entirely with Xojo Web,
are the Xojo Cloud servers suitable for supporting this volume of users or is it necessary to evaluate a different type of service? I imagine that the hosting plans offered by Xojo involve small projects and few users and therefore I wonder if xojo offers solutions for projects as described above.


1 small Xojo Cloud cannot handle that sort of traffic but multiple Xojo Cloud servers can.

You mentioned national coverage, would that mean that you would want servers in multiple data centers (locations)?

Hi Jason

I am aware that my current hosting plan could not bear that kind of traffic, which is why I was asking if xojo offers solutions other than those offered on its website.

The important thing was to know if xojo offered a different solution and your answer seems to me to understand it is YES.

How we will see it at the time of implementation.
Is it possible to have a cost table in this sense or a scalable solution?

Hi Sandra - we can figure that out - I have quite a few questions for you about it. Can you please email me at jason@xojo.com?

Hi Jason

Of course yes, no problem.