Xojo CGI program - stuck on loading...

Hello everyone,

I have been able to get an example cgi program running on Apache in Raspberry Pi Jessie, and the example program is shown below:

#! /bin/bash echo -e “Content-type: text/html\ \ ” echo “<h1>Hello World</h1>”

When I make a Xojo example with literally a label and a button the Raspberry Pi browser does not load the program and has the description “Loading…” at the bottom. The deployment type is CGI, and the Architecture is set to ARM 32-bit. I changed all permission settings to 777 just for this test and it continues to show the “Loading…” at the bottom.

Is there any additional library or setting that needs to be added to the Xojo program to make it run? Anything else I could be missing?


Try a standalone web app (not CGI) on the Raspberry Pi.

That would be why it’s tough to make it work :slight_smile: Thanks Travis!

@Travis Hill

Are there plans in the near future to add CGI compatibility with the Raspberry Pi?

Not at this time- CGI requires some overhead that doesn’t make quite as much sense on a lower end device.