Xojo build (.exe) issue

Hi all, not quite new to Xojo (Lite, Windows), however strange issue. In short, when building an application for the first time, it asks me where to place the output .exe file and it does this correctly. It creates the exe file, and two sub folders Resources and Libs. I add the SQLite database file where the .exe sits and all is good. Application executes just fine. When I go back into Xojo and make a minor change to the app, the build windows zips by very quickly, no new.exe file is created and the database has disappeared. The old .exe file is still there, because, it now has become a read only file with weirdo permissions. It cannot be deleted for love nor money by any user or administrator. Now here is the weird thing, if I sign out of PC, and restart into Safe Mode, Troubleshoot, Advanced, Command, and log in as administrator, the command window starts, I just close it, and restart windows normally. Hey, the .exe file has vanished from the build folder and I can build a new .exe again. Same thing happens each time I try and build over the top of the existing .exe. Shutting down, signing out, restarting normally does nothing, I must go in and out of safe mode.
It is not the application, because when I make a copy of the project and rebuild it in a new location it works fine again, until I try and rebuild the .exe file.
Rebooting in and out of Safe mode to delete a file seems a bit drastic to me :slight_smile:
Has this been seen before? Xojo - Lite 2019R3.1, Windows 10 home, current build. Xojo App build setting is “This Computer”
Please note this happens only when I create my own Project, Sample Projects work fine, although I have noticed sample projects build with a Windows64 folder and 64bit GUIframework DLL’s, whereas my own projects build with a Windows folder and 32bitGUIframework DLL, is this a clue?

are you sure the app also quit just fine?
at windows you can not delete a exe if this is running.
if you log out from windows the app will be closed.