xojo_binary_project to xojo_project conversion for versioning - missing files issues

Hello guys,

What is the best way to convert a xojo_binary_project to a xojo_project in order to be able to use versioning ?

I just did save as with a huge project and it seems that in a final the project was converted , it created a lot of files and folders but i have big issues with the files and pictures from the project, some of them are missing , a lot of folder are not created and so on.

Is there another way of avoiding finding every time the missing files ? specially that multiple users will have access on that and can pull and push data in the git.

Thanks .

I`m running Xojo 2014R3.2.

The on disk representation of your project closely matches what you see in the navigator, but remember, even in a binary project, pictures are external entities which exist elsewhere on your drive. If you want them in the actual folders, you’ll have to move them manually and delink them.

Another note on folder structure. The IDE must be the one to make changes to where things are. If you move things around on disk, the IDE will get very confused.

Thanks Greg,

I recently found that Git does not take in consideration the empty folders so i had to put in each empty folder a .gitignore file with a !.gitignore line so that it will transfer those folders as well.

As for the external files i had to re-link them again , so in order to fix the issue of working with multiple users on the same project i created a dmg image where i put all the images and files , i saved the project and now every time i start the project i have to mount the dmg first and then to open the xojo project, in this way i test it on 3 pcs and i dont have errors anymore.

I dont know if its the best solution but if works for me now so i`m fine with it .

Thanks again and i hope this info will help others as well.