Xojo apps and web apps on Synology 916?

I’m thinking of getting a Synology DS916 which has a Pentium N3710 CPU. Does anyone know if Xojo apps and web apps run on it?

I guess no, all libraries Xojo needs surely are not present. Also I think there will not exist CGI support. Those Linux are embedded ones and very limited. Don’t know about Synology but I can speak about Thecus and they sure can’t.

You should look at the DS718+ or DS918+. The “+” models can run VMs and Docker which should allow you to get apps going in some form. Looks like someone has a Dockerfile for Xojo web apps started here: https://gitlab.com/sjedt/app

I’ll play with this on my DS918+ if I get a chance. By the way, I absolutely love this device, it is pretty much the ideal home server. Super flexible and can do just about anything. Highly recommended model in my opinion. I mainly use it to run Docker and other built in features.

Edit: I thought there was a DS916+ as well but I can’t find it anymore. The list of models that support virtual machines is here:


Basically it’s DS218+, DS718+, or DS918+. I believe other models can run Docker but it’s a bit harder to track down which ones from their product selection page.


But this will only work on new Synology boxes that use Intel chips… I use an older DS211 which I think has some AMD processor