Xojo Application in the Mac Apple Store

Hi, this is the first time I create software for Mac, i compiled the software with Xojo and tested on Mac and it works properly. Now I’m doing the steps to publish it on the App Store. But when I have to do an update, how it works? I always overwrites the .app package? there are files that should not be overwritten as the database but only the executable…Who can you give me information about? Thanks

I assume you are talking about your development machine. In this case you have for example a database in your ressource folder.

If you debug your project or if you deliver your project, this database should be copied on the first applications run to the SpecialFolder.ApplicationData Folder. There the database should be edited and changed at runtime of your software.

So the database in your ressource folder never gets changed by your running app. When you package your app, the database in the projects ressource folder is unchanged and so is the database in your app package unchanged when it is packed again.

When the user updates your software on his system it works like this. Ath the first start you check in your software if the database already exists in the customers SpecialFolder.ApplicationData Folder. If it does not exist, then you can copy the database from the apps resources folder into the customers SpecialFolder.ApplicationData Folder.

A question, but if a user downloads it from the Apple Store, where it is inserted in applications? after it is on mac if a user downloads an update, happens overwrites the program? With the loss of data?

Do not put the user data in the Application bundle, store it to your ApplicationData folder…

When the app is updated, it overwrites the Application bundle in the Application folder, but your user’s data is still safe in the ApplicationData folder…

In fact, if you try to write to your application bundle or even to the same folder as your application, your app will be rejected by Apple. You must save your data to SpecialFolder.ApplicationData.MyCompany.myDataFile.sqlite (or whatever the name of the file)

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Thought that this was it! Thanks for correcting me!