Xojo app as webservice with authentication?

hi, is there an example of an xojo app that acts as a webservice (which remains to those who query the webservice, of the data read from a db) all but with authentication (user and psw)?

Hi Jury - just some quick questions to clarify… Are you use HandleURL and ‘statelessly’ publishing this data for some other app to consume, and you’d like to force the request to contain a UID/PWD for authentication?

I would like to create a webservice that would allow a client to query my server to obtain data from a db (using json), but I would like everything to be protected by user and psw (possibly not visible in the clear)

and i would like use handleUrl

If you use SSL (https://) then the WebRequest should arrive secure, allowing you to have the requestor of your service put their credentials into the request. You can test this by testing the WebRequest.Secure property.


Take a look at : Aloe Express to API 2.0?

I’ve made some work to allow Aloe work with API and you can use it to made what you need.